April 15, 2023

5 best FIFA 23 players in Trophy Titans Team 2


The second week of the Trophy Titans promo has heralded the arrival of some heavy-hitters in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. With the event exclusively featuring boosted versions of Icons and FUT Heroes, the roster is incredibly overpowered and consists of some of the most coveted and expensive items in the game.

However, these players also fetch an exorbitant price in the FIFA 23 transfer market. Their abilities are reflected in their cost, and gamers will be eager to know which players are worth their investment. While all inclusions in Trophy Titans Team 2 can elevate your FUT squad to a new level, there are some obvious candidates that stand out amongst their peers.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

These Trophy Titans Team 2 players are extremely overpowered in FIFA 23

1) Ronaldo Nazario


As the headlining player on the second roster, Ronaldo Nazario is by far the most coveted and expensive item on this list. His previous iterations were already regarded as some of the best attackers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and his boosted Trophy Titans card is possibly the best marksman in the entire game.

With five-star skill moves, five-star weak foot, rapid pace, sublime dribbling, and lethal shooting, R9 has it all. He has even received a massive boost to his physicality over his Prime and World Cup Icon versions. The hype surrounding this new version of the Brazilian legend is depicted in his price on the market, as he is currently extinct at a price cap of 19 million coins.

2) Patrick Vieira


Patrick Vieira is just as much of a legend amongst FUT fans as he is in real life. The former Arsenal superstar has been a mainstay in the world of Ultimate Team since the introduction of Icons to the legendary football simulation series and has acquired a reputation for being one of the best defensive midfielders regardless of the meta.

Vieira’s World Cup Icon variant is still overpowered to this day and is amongst the most commonly-used and popular cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. His pace, defensive abilities, and domineering physical presence make him the perfect midfield enforcer, as he is able to dispossess and dominate attackers with ease.

3) Kenny Dalglish


Scottish legend Kenny Dalglish was introduced to the world of FUT in FIFA 20. The former Liverpool marksman is amongst the most beloved footballers in the history of the Premier League, and has finally received a special version in FIFA 23 that does justice to his legacy. While he was always viable in any meta with his five-star weak foot, he has now been upgraded to a five-star skiller as well.

Dalglish possesses two versions in Trophy Titans Team 2, similar to Torres and Del Piero in Team 1. The inferior version does not possess five-star skills and has nerfed attributes, but the 94-rated item is by far one of the most enticing cards on the roster. With skill moves being extremely useful in the current meta of FIFA 23, King Kenny will now be more usable than ever on the virtual pitch.

4) Xavi


Despite being one of the most accomplished and legendary playmakers in football history, Xavi has never been a viable midfielder in the world of Ultimate Team due to his small stature and lack of defensive abilities. This has changed with the release of his Trophy Titans variant, as the FC Barcelona legend now has the pace and defending stats to compliment his visionary genius in midfield.

With 95 dribbling and 97 passing, Xavi’s influence on offensive plays will be unmatched. With through balls and German crosses being overpowered in FIFA 23, his passing abilities will be of great utility. His 95-rated Trophy Titans card has also received a boost to his weak foot, allowing him to be more consistent when using his left foot for shooting or passing.

5) Laurent Blanc


Laurent Blanc has always been an incredible center-back in Ultimate Team. His immense physical stature makes it impossible for attackers to dribble past him, and his technical abilities allow him to be extremely versatile when in possession of the ball. With stats and attributes to reflect his real-life prowess, Trophy Titans Blanc is the complete defensive package in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

With the lengthy acceleration style being overpowered for defensive players in FIFA 23, Blanc is quick enough to catch up to any attacker in the game and dispossess them with ease. He can also be deployed in a variety of central positions under the new chemistry system of the game.

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