April 15, 2023

Ex-Falcons HC drops ‘big question mark’ on Bryce Young with Panthers still undecided over #1 overall pick (EXCLUSIVE)


The 2023 NFL Draft is around the corner and all eyes will be on Bryce Young on draft day. For the majority of the time in the buildup to this year’s draft, Young was expected to be the clear-cut favorite to get drafted with the first overall pick.

However, after the Carolina Panthers traded up to get the first overall pick from the Chicago Bears, some believed that the Panthers could choose C.J. Stroud instead of Young.

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith, in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda on The Ballfather podcast, voiced his opinion on what he thinks will happen in the situation. Here’s what he said:

“Bryce Young, A lot of people like him. You know, he’s number one or number two in all mock drafts, he’s won the Heisman Trophy. I got a big question mark. He’s 5 ’10 and one-eighths at the combine.”

“There’s only been one or two quarterbacks at that height that have had success, and we’re one of them we’re very familiar with. That was the quarterback in your New Orleans Saints team.”

“But he checks all the other boxes, man. Everything except his height. And some teams are not, you know, not going to be able to get over that. They really are. But he’s got great arm strength and he’s accurate and he’s got a great awareness.”

Bryce Young’s height has always been questioned throughout the time leading up to the draft, but the skill set that he possesses is without a doubt quite special.

Nick Saban, who coached Young in Alabama, has already advocated that the quarterback’s height won’t be much of a negative impact. It will be interesting to see what happens next in the coming weeks, as this discussion is bound to continue.

Bryce Young will have the right situation around him in Carolina

Bryce Young: 2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
Bryce Young: 2022 CFP National Championship – Georgia v Alabama

If the Carolina Panthers do end up drafting Bryce Young, then that would be an ideal situation for the Alabama quarterback. Frank Reich is a fantastic coach, and he can play a huge role in Young’s development in the NFL.

“You’ve got a mullet so I feel like pressure doesn’t really mean the same to you.”@_bryce_young isn’t your average camp counselor.

Moreover, having a veteran receiver like Adam Thielen on the team will also help Young, and a good running game to rely upon will ease the pressure on him.

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