April 15, 2023

Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration details surface for Chapter 4


According to leaker/data-miner iFireMonkey, there may be a potential Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration in the works. Based on the information provided to the leaker/data-miner, it seems that there have been discussions taking place with regards to the same.

The collaboration will likely be a two-week long event in-game. It will feature a similar event tab that was used for the “Most Wanted” and “Dragon Ball” events. With that said, here’s everything to know about the upcoming Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration.

Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration: Date and time, Challenges, cosmetic items, freebies, and more

Also; this is most likely planned for November since things like Beep the Meep have a lot of relevance towards the 60th anniversary specials for Doctor Who

According to iFireMonkey, the collaboration is most likely planned for November. This is based on the fact that the Beep the Meep (Spray) has a lot of relevance towards the 60 anniversary special for Doctor Who. However, keep in mind that this date can change depending on numerous factors.

Coming back to Spray itself, it will be awarded to players who check out the Creative Map associated with the collaboration. At the moment, there’s no information about what the map will look like, but it will most definitely be created using UEFN. The creators will take advantage of the new application to deliver a mind-boggling experience.

☎️ Fortnite x Doctor WhoIt has recently been brought to my attention that there have been discussions in regards to a potential collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who.Based on what i’m aware of, this would be a two week long event in game (using an event tab similar to… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

As always, with a Creative Map comes Challenges that players will be able to complete to earn rewards. In addition to the Beep the Meep (Spray), there will be other rewards as well as experience points to be earned. Last but not least, the Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration will also feature cosmetic items.

These will be listed in the Item Shop and will be purchasable using V-Bucks. As of now, two Outfits, two Harvesting Tools, one Glider, and an Emote, have been confirmed. However, this is subject to change as time passes. The final list of cosmetic items will only be known a few days before the Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration goes live.

Will there be a live event during the Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration?

While the notion of having a live event featuring Doctor Who would be perfect, it’s unlikely to happen. Similar to the last two major collaborations (My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan), items/characters from the franchise will only feature in-game.

Furthermore, since there’s already a preordained storyline that the developers have to follow, having a live event, that too in November, is out of the question. It’s right around Winterfest 2023, and if the game follows a similar pattern from Chapter 3, the next chapter will start in December 2023.

For all these reasons, a full-blown live event featuring Doctor Who is really out of the question. Whatever has to happen in terms of in-game showcases, it will either happen on the Creative Map or in the Battle Royale Mode, perhaps a bit of both.

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