April 13, 2023

Get a One-Year Sam’s Club Membership for $10 Right Now


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For Sam’s Club’s 4oth birthday, they’re offering deals for both tiers of their memberships for a limited time. You can get the basic the Club membership for $10 (usually $50) and the Plus membership for $60 (usually $110).

How to get a discounted Sam’s Club membership

Simply follow the links above and the coupons will be automatically applied at checkout. If the coupons aren’t applied automatically, use promo code “D68T4″ for the Club membership and “2M2WN” for the Plus membership at checkout. If you’re curious about the difference in the tiers, you can see a full breakdown here.

Keep in mind that these deals are for “new members,” but some forums mention being able to use the same email again after a year of inactivity, or by just using a different email account.

The Club offer is valid until April 19, and the Plus offer will expire on April 30. Keep in mind that the membership auto-renews after the year, so if you don’t want to pay for the full price for another year, mark the date on your calendar to cancel.

BJ’s is also having a membership sale

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club within driving distance, see if you have a BJ’s close by. You can get their usual $55 yearly membership for $25 with this deal. If you’re undecided what big-box membership to get in the first place, it might help to check out this Lifehacker story comparing Sam’s Club and Costco, too.


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