April 15, 2023

Impact Player: What does the rule say?


This year’s IPL will be different in many ways.

The main reason is that only 11 players can play for a team in any game. Teams have been allowed to play with 12 players since this year. As a result, each team will enter the field with extra strength.

A new practice of impact player will be implemented in the IPL. Fans are eager to know what will happen and how the impact player will affect the game.

Impact players are no stranger to Indian cricket. BCCI has introduced a new rule of impact player in the recently held Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. But its rule was slightly different. Each team must name 4 substitutes before the start of the game. One of those 4 players can be used mid game. This means that the player is allowed to be used before the end of the 14th over in any innings.

Cricket fans have never forgotten the words Super Sub. In 2005 and 2006, the Super Sub rule was used in ODI cricket. Accordingly, one can choose to replace one particular player with another. But if that one player is the batsman and he is dismissed then the super sub cannot bat. Well, what happens if you replace the bowler with a super sub? The super sub bowler can only bowl the remaining overs from the number of overs that the bowler has bowled.

You know that in Australia’s PPL T20 league, there was a rule called X Factor. It’s almost like a super sub. Substitute player can be included in the 10th over and that too in the first innings. A substitute coming in for a player must not have bowled more than one over and must not have batted. Teams don’t like the restrictions involved. The X Factor was completely scrapped last year after it was defunct.

Keeping in mind the previous examples like Super Sub, X Factor, Syed Mushtaq Ali impact player, BCCI is implementing the new rule of impact player from this year’s IPL.

Key Features of Impact Player Terms:

At the time of the toss each team has to name 4 additional players. One of these 4 can be an impact player. In this, Sethi, unknown to many, the 4 players should be Indian players only. Or if a team has selected only 3 foreign players then another foreign player can be selected as an impact player. This will give Indian players more opportunities in this IPL match.

A substitute can come on at any time. A substitute enters in place of any player, and thereafter that player cannot participate in any way in the game.

Even if the substitute player is included in the team, 12 people cannot bat. Only the same 11 can bat.

More entertainment in bowling. For example Deepak Sahar of CSK bowls 4 overs in the first 10 overs (as usual). Dhoni can throw him out and field a new bowler as an impact player. He can also bowl 4 overs. Thus if a player bowls badly the impact player will help the captain to deal with the situation.

Concessions to the team winning the toss and setbacks to the team when a player is injured can be countered with an impact player. What a privilege to have an extra player in batting and bowling. This gives the team more confidence to tackle any problem.

Well, which captain will successfully handle the impact player rule? Dhoni or Rohit Sharma? Or a captain we didn’t expect?


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