April 14, 2023

Latest rumors hint at new EA Sports FC game modes coming to Nintendo Switch; significant upgrade from FIFA 23


EA Sports FC could take the series in a new direction on the Nintendo Switch – something that FIFA 23 has been unable to do so far. The latest information comes via leaks on Twitter from reliable content specialist FIFAUteam, who broke the news. There’s exciting news for the players as rumors hint at the possibility of new game modes.

The FIFA series has been available on the Nintendo Switch for quite some time now. However, there’s a major difference between how FIFA 23, for example, performs on handheld and other platforms. In simpler terms, the game is far better in terms of game modes and functionality on PC and Xbox/PlayStation consoles.

That could change moving forward once EA Sports FC releases later this year.

EA Sports FC could finally be what FIFA 23 failed to be on the Nintendo Switch

The latest rumors hint that at least three new modes will be available for EA Sports FC on the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to enjoy an online career mode of some kind. This could delight many who have been left unsatisfied with their experience in FIFA 23.

For starters, many of the improvements made by EA Sports in the form of current-gen upgrades are absent on the handheld console. At this point, the Nintendo Switch version is nothing but an annual data update, and many have complained about this for years.

The new game modes will be great for starters, as they can recapture some lost goodwill. Nintendo Switch players will also be able to enjoy co-op when the new game launches. This is another key gameplay mechanic that should have been present on Nintendo’s console.


Players will also be able to play custom matches between themselves. It’s unclear how the new game modes will work. EA Sports hasn’t officially stated any information, and the official logo is the only confirmed news. Readers are advised to follow all official sources and Sportskeeda for updated news.

FIFA 23, like the previous few releases, has had a largely limited experience. Be it for new features or game modes, the options in the hands of a Switch player have always been limited. Players will hope that EA Sports FC will be able to turn on a new leaf for the franchise and the handheld console.

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