April 10, 2023

‘Minnesota Mean’ Trailer Shows Women’s Roller Derby Team Competing for Top Prize: ‘We Share Blood, Sweat and Tears’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Documentarian Dawn Mikkelson, known for her work on ”Finding Her Beat,” “Risking Light” and “The Red Tail,” is exploring the lives of six of the Minnesota RollerGirls in her upcoming documentary, “Minnesota Mean.”

The documentary feature will make its world premiere at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival on April 15 followed by screenings at the Florida Film Festival on April 17 and the Sunscreen Film Festival on April 29.

‘Minnesota Mean’ is a riveting human drama about the pounding heart of roller derby: powerful, self-sufficient women from all walks of life and identity (straight, gay, trans, etc.),” the doc’s logline reads. “It’s a vital and relevant story of triumph, loss, strength, determination, and a search for balance between individuality and community.”

The documentary follows a year-in-the-lives of six core members of one of the most competitive roller derby teams in the world, the Minnesota RollerGirls. The roller derby athletes are seen training for the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby, all in an effort to win the competitions top prize, the Hydra.

Mikkelson directed, produced and edited alongside editors Kimberly Brown, SHawn Hissami and M’Daya Meliani. Cliff Dahlberg, Nanne Sorvold, Carolyn Draayer, Sarah Moua, Brenda Pikarski, Maribeth Romslo, Michaek Sutz and Mikkelson each served as film’s cinematographers.

In addition to “Minnesota Mean,” the documentarian is set to release her next documentary, “Ribbon Skirt Warriors,” which has been executive produced by Jane Fonda and Winona LaDuke.

Watch the “Minnesota Mean” trailer below.


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