April 10, 2023

‘The Last of Us’ Gets Digital and Blu-ray Release


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Following a bloody and harrowing season finale in March, “The Last of Us” is getting a digital and Blu-ray release, available to pre-order on Amazon today.

HBO’s acclaimed video game adaptation, co-created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) who’s responsible for smuggling Ellie (Bella Ramsay) across a post-apocalyptic United States, in hopes of using her apparent immunity from a ravaging fungal outbreak — that turns the “infected” into zombies — as a vaccine to save humanity. The powerful season finale embraces its video game roots as Joel springs into action to save Ellie after finding out that the operation used to extract a possible cure from her will kill her. In its final moments, the narrative shifts into game mode as the viewer shares a first-person perspective with Joel, holding a gun and facing a terrible moral dilemma.

“What works about ‘The Last of Us,’” Variety TV critic Daniel D’Addario wrote in his review, “works well enough that one sees the near future in which the show winds up among television’s best. The raw material, including a poignant and thoughtful curiosity about what it might be like to live through catastrophe, is there.”

In addition to the compete first season in 4K UHD, the digital version comes with special features that give fans a peek into the making of the show. One featurette, “The Last of Us: Stranger Than Fiction,” features the cast and filmmakers in conversation with experts in survival, microbiology and parasitology about the likelihood of a fungus creating the post-apocalyptic disaster in the show. Another short film, “Controllers Down” focuses on how the filmmakers adapted the beloved video game to the screen, while “From Levels to Live Action” showcases how they incorporated the best video game moments into the show.

Now, HBO is gearing up for a second season, already greenlit by HBO. In the meantime, pre-order “The Last of Us” on digital, Blu-ray or DVD below:

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