April 15, 2023

“There’s times when you go into a place where you’re very depressed”


Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) keeper-batter Nicholas Pooran admitted that he understands Rishabh Pant’s keenness to get back in action after going through the same phase eight years ago. The West Indian conceded that progress happens at its own pace and feels there’s no point forcing it.

On December 30th last year, Pant had a serious accident as he was driving to see his mother in Roorkee. The youngster’s car struck a road divider early in the morning. He escaped without life-threatening injuries even as the car went up in flames.

Speaking ahead of LSG’s match against the Punjab Kings on Saturday, Pooran revealed that he has been in touch with Pant and knows how desperately he wants his injuries to heal. As quoted by ESPN Cricinfo, Pooran said:

“It’s very challenging. It’s one where no one understands. Sometimes, I can remember… I have been chatting with Rishabh obviously. Both of us have a really good relationship. But there’s times when you go into a place where you’re very depressed, and frustrated, because you want the healing process to happen so fast. But it’s difficult.”

In January 2015, the 27-year-old Caribbean cricketer drove into a sand heap back on the road while trying to avoid an oncoming car while driving back home from a training session at home in Trinidad & Tobago. He lost consciousness and regained it after reaching the hospital. The Trinidadian required multiple surgeries and it was six months later, that he could walk again.

“Need to believe that whatever happened, happened for a reason” – Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran. (Image Credits: Twitter)
Nicholas Pooran. (Image Credits: Twitter)

Nicholas Pooran acknowledged that people can grow impatient under such circumstances, but must keep faith in the process and remind oneself that everything happens for a reason.

“Sometimes you don’t see progress. In life, you want to see progress, you want it to happen so fast, but it doesn’t happen the whole time. It’s very challenging, but you need to believe in yourself. Need to believe that whatever happened, happened for a reason. Can’t question it, because you won’t get an answer. You need to believe in your God as well. Have faith in yourself, have faith in your hard work.”

The left-handed batter starred with an unbeaten 62 against the Royal Challengers Bangalore as the LSG chased down 213 successfully.

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