April 15, 2023

What did Andrew Tate have to say about Achraf Hakimi being able to keep his entire fortune to himself after divorce? Here is ‘Top G’s response


Andrew Tate, a social media figure known for his controversial opinions, recently commented on the news that Paris Saint-Germain star Achraf Hakimi will be able to retain his entire fortune following his divorce. ‘Top G’ expressed his support for Hakimi, applauding his ability to protect his financial assets and avoid being taken advantage of in a divorce settlement.

In Tate’s view, it is commendable that Hakimi has taken measures to safeguard his wealth, which he likely worked hard to accumulate through his successful career in sports. Tate’s comments also highlighted the importance of protecting oneself from the potential financial repercussions of divorce, particularly in cases where one’s partner may seek to claim a large portion of one’s assets.

Andrew Tate remarked on Twitter:

“My G.”

The recent controversy surrounding soccer star Achraf Hakimi’s divorce from his wife, Hiba Abouk, has garnered attention in the media. Abouk has reportedly filed for divorce and is seeking half of Hakimi’s fortune, but it has been revealed that all of Hakimi’s assets are in his mother’s name, potentially protecting his financial interests.

Footballer Achraf Hakimi’s wife filed for divorce and demanded half of his property.She was however informed by court that her “Millionaire’ husband owns nothing as all his property is registered under his mother’s names.Hakimi receives €1 Million from PSG monthly but 80% of… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Andrew Tate brings up historical ties to slavery in a contentious discourse

Andrew Tate, a public figure who has been vocal about his belief that much of society is trapped in a system he refers to as “the matrix,” has recently made a controversial statement regarding his family history. In an unexpected admission, Tate revealed that his last name is connected to the Tate & Lyle sugar plantation, which employed enslaved laborers in their American and Jamaican plantations during the 19th century.

‘Cobra’ tweeted:

“The name Tate comes from the Tate and Lyle sugar plantation. My fathers ancestors were slaves. An explanation for my inimitable sweetness.”

The name Tate comes from the Tate and Lyle sugar plantation. My fathers ancestors were slaves. An explanation for my inimitable sweetness.

This revelation is particularly significant given Tate’s outspoken views on social and political issues. While he has frequently criticized what he perceives as societal “enslavement” in various systems and structures, the revelation of his family’s connection to the sugar trade and historical slavery raises questions about the impact of personal privilege and historical legacy on individual perspectives.

While Andrew Tate’s father, Emory Tate, was born in Chicago, Illinois, and does have ancestral ties to America, the accuracy of some of Tate’s statements has been called into question due to his tendency towards hyperbole. This can make it challenging to determine the veracity of some of his claims.

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